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At Octane Collectables you don't deal with just another model shop!
We try to keep those rarer, hard to find models that regular shops just can't find - and if we do not have it, or you are seeking it, we will endeavour to find it for you.
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While we do not have online ordering facilities, ordering from us is no problem!
Once you have decided on your purchase, contact us by Email:
glenn.octane2@bigpond.com OR phone us on: 0400 575 497 or
AH (03) 6393 7083
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In Stock
Due to the nature of our stock being limited editions, obsoletes and hard to find items we generally only have one of any particular item in stock at any given time. Should we sell out of any item you are interested in, we will do our best to accommodate your request (read more....)

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If for some reason this contact form does not work for you then please send an email to glenn.octane2@bigpond.com